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Locally hosted for fast response times.

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100% Compatible

Uses the same calculation and print commands as SM-Marks.

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Desktop and Mobile

Do your marks almost anywhere.

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Zero Installation

Works in any browser without plugins.

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A More Convenient Markbook
Working online removes the limitations of SM-Marks


With Markbook Online teachers work simultaneously on the same markbook. You can open and enter results into your classes while another teacher has the same markbook open and is working away. Without a single markbook file there is nothing to lose or get corrupted, and no more concerns about where the markbook file is when you need to work.

Markbook Online works on modern Android and iOS devices, from the Apple iPhone and iPad to a Samsung Galaxy Tablet or Google Nexus and other such devices. While still running on the desktop with macOS and Windows. Together these advantages make Markbook Online a more flexible and convenient solution for keeping student marks when compared to other markbooks. SM-Marks is great markbook software, but in a modern school environment Markbook Online is the more convenient and effective way to work.

If you previously used SM-Marks you will be relieved to find the calculations are identical in Markbook Online. The Edit, Calculation command and the Calculation Assistant are the same, so there is absolutely nothing new to learn before you start doing calculations like scaling, grading and weighting. Similarly, the Print commands work in the same way: tag the tasks or students to print and then choose the command.

Login to Markbook Online with the browser of your choice and import your existing marks, or make a new markbook. With improved searchable help and video tutorials, Markbook Online you will quickly start saving time and have you working productively. Try it today.

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Pricing and Ordering
Schools subscribe to continue using Markbook Online

For a school to continue using Markbook Online after the free trial requires a yearly subscription. The annual subscription starts from a base of $360 plus $2 per teacher (not including GST) each year.

For example, at a school of 70 teachers the annual cost is $360 + $2 x 70 = $500 (plus GST). For this cost all teachers have a login name and password to continue using Markbook Online.

To subscribe we require a School Order Form which you can email with an order number we can quote on the invoice for payment by cheque or EFT on terms of 30 days.
An invoice will then be emailed to the school with details of subscription. This is usually the next business day.